How To Restore Your Whatsapp Account In Case You Lose Your Phone Or It Gets Stolen

Nowadays our mobile phone has become incredibly important for us as it contain very information that concern to us like photo, videos,e-wallet application and emails.You have just accommodated yourself into a smartphone.But what if this small mobile phone get stolen or maybe you can lose it somewhere ? you can lose lots of data of yours like memories that you have captured with phone camera, documents, chats that you have done with your friends and many more things. So in this article I am gonna tell you how to restore your whatsapp account in case you have lose your phone or get it stolen. You can use this method with third party WhatsApp mods like YOWhatsApp.

First of all you have to use security application to prevent all the sensitive information to be stolen like you can proceed for two step verification.follow these following steps for two steps verification.

1.Open the whatsapp application

2.Go to the settings option

3.Go to Account

4.There will be a option called Two step verification tap on it and enable it

5.On the next screen you have to enter six digits passcode

6.Re-enter six digit passcode

7.You can also add your email address but it is optional.

This optional email address help you to recover your passcode in case if you forgot your passcode. Even whatsapp also ask for the passcode to remind you the passcode periodically.

Now how to recover whatsapp account.

The first thing you should do in this case is to lock the sim card by calling your mobile service provider.Once you have done this no one will be able to authenticate your device. Because this number holds various account related details like this number may be link with your bank account number and with whatsapp that can result in loss of lots of data like photos,emails, text documents and many more things.

After getting your sim locked,you can buy another sim card with the same number and you can activate your whatsapp account on the new device with same number.There is a feature in whatsapp that is whatsapp can be activated only one device at a time on one mobile phone number.

Another option is available to you that you can write a email to the whatsapp team.If you are using this option don’t forget to include this sentence “Lost/Stolen:Deactivate my account ” in the body of email and your phone number that you have lost.

And one more thing that the whatsapp account can also be operated using the wifi even if there is no sim card inside the phone,So it is necessary to contact the Whatsapp team to deactivate the whatsapp account.

So that’s it, now i hope you have understood how to recover your whatsapp account after being stolen or lost.